Izmir State Symphony Orchestra
7 - 8 October 2012

One of the most significant orchestras of the Anatolia, internationally active with important collaborations and recordings as well as participations in renowned festivals, the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra participated in Mykonos Antanaclasis Festival 2012 and gave a concert in Athens at Parnassos Literary Society as part of its first tour in Greece.


Greek violinist Yannos Margaziotis, principal with the Orchestra of National Opera of Greece

Turkish violinist Ozan Akkol, principal with the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra

Music Director: Naci Özgüç, Chief Conductor of National Opera and Ballet of Ankara

Izmir State Symphony Orchestra which was established within the structure of THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM, although had carried the character of a chamber orchestra initially, has exhibited an extraordinary growth and artistic development as an art institution of the Republic and has reached the structure and identity of a symphonic orchestra by also integrating with the Turkish people in a very short time.

Besides the periodic concerts performed domestically at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Concert Hall which is the best concert hall of Turkey, Izmir State Symphony Orchestra has also realized tours in Northern Cyprus, Italy and Germany, in South Korea, Belgium, Malaysia, Japan and Spain it has expressed and represented the dimension the contemporary Turkish cultural and artistic life has achieved today in the international area at the best way, it has undersigned great successes.

Izmir State Symphony Orchestra has performed CD's in Turkey and in Belgium, Japan and Germany, with the

"32 days" CD recorded in the year 2000 during the Japan and Malaysia tour which was the greatest and the most extensive of the Republic history, it has been deemed worth "The Japanese Grand Prize for Recording, The Best Record Award" and has been honoured with a certificate of commendation by the Japanese Record Award decision committee.

It has realized its exclusive live concert CD record constituted entirely of the Works of the contemporary Turkish composers conducted by a Turkish conductor and performed by a Turkish orchestra for the first time under the conductor Rengim Gökmen in Bremen in the year 2001.

The orchestra conducting mission which was first fulfilled by the State Artist Prof.Hikmet Şimşek who is the founder and honorary conductor of the orchestra and respectively undertaken by Michael Rochat, Iosif Conta, Rengim Gökmen, İbrahim Yazıcı and orchestra currently is being conducted by vice conducter Ender Sakpınar at the moment. Along with the Turkish orchestra conductors, the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra was conducted by world-wide famous guest conductors such as Karsten Andersen, Veronica Dudorova, Inonescu Galati, Cansug Kahidze, Tadeusz Strugala, Yoshinao Osawa, Vladimir Altschuller, Konstantin Krimetz and Alexander Vedernikov, Mark Elmer, Emil Tabakov, Antonio Pirolli, Howard Griffiths, Gilbert Varga and Hansjörg Schellenberger.

The orchestra has accompanied successfully to world-wide famous soloists as Lazar Berman, Montserrat Cabelle, Jose Carreras, Alerio Diaz, Narcisio Yepes, Vaclav Hudacek, Georgy Sokolov, Viktor Pikaizen, Oleg Kagan, Maria Kliegel, Alexander Rudin, Alexander Markov, Igor Oistrakh, Gheorge Zamfir, Stefan Dohr, Metthew Trussler, Konstantin Kulka, Maxim Fedatov, Daniel Stabrawa, İdil Biret, Suna Kan, Hüseyin Sermet, Gülsin Onay and Fazıl Say.

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Dates:7 - 8 October 2012

Organised by:Specs 'n' Arts

Venues:Grypario Cultural Centre / Athens Parnassos Hall