Tinos World Music Festival 2015
29, 30 & 31 May

According to myth, Northern Wind - the "father-wind"- upon arrival in Tinos, went to Mount Tsiknias to mourn for his sons (murdered by Hercules) and opened the windbags, releasing all the winds. Tinians call Northern Wind many different names: "hat wind" when he blows hats from people's heads; "chair wind" when he causes the coffee shop chairs to fall over; "table wind" when he makes the tables fall down as well; and "bell wind" when he makes the bells toll. He is also known as "doctor" because he is healthy and clean, and pushes away disease and sorrow. Northern Wind is the inspiration for the Tinos World Music Festival.

Tinos World Music Festival 2015 

29, 30 & 31 May

This year's Festival focuses on the lute, the string musical instrument that has dominated the wider part of the Mediterranean region since centuries. The lute, closely related to tanbur, lavta, saz and oud, is considered the milestone of a centuries-long musical tradition deeply rooted in the cultures of the Mediterranean and beyond.

Playing a leading or accompanying role the lute is an inextricable part of the identity of different musical genres that developed in those regions to the extent that sometimes it stands as a cultural symbol.

This year's edition, will take place on the Holy Spirit three-day weekend on the Tinos Island (Friday 29th to Sunday 31st of May), and features lute soloists and virtuosi from Greece and Turkey that will collaborate on stage to present a variety of repertoire and different versions of the lute, highlighting the similarities as well as the uniqueness of each musical instrument and genre.

The day before the opening of the festival, on Thursday, May 28 at 21:00, there will be a pre-festival concert at the Upper Stage of Onassis Cultural Center with the participation of Periklis Papapetropoulos (saz), Cihan Turkoglu (saz, vocals), Stratis Psaradellis (politiki lyra), Giorgis Manolakis Duo and Alexandros Papadimitrakis quartet.

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Tinos World Music Festival 2014 

Friday 6 June 

- "Athens, Sofia, Istanbul: a trans-Balkan collaboration"

Yurdal Tokcan: lute / Nedyalko Nedyalkov: kaval / Martha Mavroidi: lafta & song / Harris Lambrakis: ney / Yorgos Ventouris: double bass / Vaggelis Karipis: percussion

Three virtuoso musicians from Greece, lutist and singer Martha Mavroidi, bassist Giorgos Venturis and percussionist Vaggelis Karipis, will perform together with three soloists of international reputation, Nedyalko Nedyalkov from Bulgaria, considered to be one of the greatest masters of kaval in the world, thanks to the unique technique that he has developed. Oud player Yurdal Tokcan from Turkey, renowned internationally for his innovative approach on the oud as well as his extraordinary and touching improvisations, and Harris Lambrakis, probably the only Greek musician who can introduce us to the history and art of ney, a musical instrument which resembles to human voice and balances perfectly between the religious, intellectual and traditional music. Through this dynamic collaboration the artists will seek for a common musical ground between the three Balkan countries, performing traditional songs as well as new compositions of theirs.

- Haig Yazdjian Trio

Haig Yazdjian: accoustic and electric oud & song / Yotis Kiourtsoglou:electric bass / Vaggelis Karipis: percussion, drums

Three brilliant musicians, who have left their mark on the modern Greek world jazz scene, will join forces for a memorable concert. Particularly notable personalities in the music world, Armenian-Syrian oud player Haig Yazdjian, who transforms an Armenian or Syrian taksim into daring jazz improvisation, bassist Yiotis Kiourtsoglou, of the legendary band Human Touch, and the outstanding member of the percussion ensemble "Krotala", Vaggelis Karipis, will present their work as well as music they have composed together inspired by the roots of Eastern Mediterranean music.

Saturday 7 June

- Petrakis - López - Chemirani trio

Stelios Petrakis: lyra, lute / Efrén López: hurdy gurdy, rabab, oud, fretless guitar, kopuz, rabab / Bijan Chemirani: zarb, Persian percussion

Stelios Petrakis from Crete, master of lyra and lute, a specialist in Anatolia's folk music, Efrén López from Spain, founder of the famous band "L'ham de foc", a specialist in the musical idioms of the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and Afghanistan, and Bijan Chemirani from Iran, who was initiated into music by his father Djamshid Chemirani, a superb Persian musician, together on stage...

- Ross Daly Quartet

Ross Daly: lyre, saz, tarhu / Kelly Thoma: lyres / Sofia Efklidou: cello / Taxiarchis Georgoulis: oud

Ross Daly offers his audiences an outstanding transcendent and spiritual musical experience, making them partakers of the essence of music which is not limited by any natural boundary, but exists beyond space and time. The sound he creates along with his fellow musicians, reflects his personal philosophy influenced by the Sufi tradition, which emphasizes on the sacred nature of music, its enormous power and the need of the musicians to surrender to it unconditionally.

Sunday 8 June

- Melidron

Irini Arnaouti: song / Zoe Miliou: song / Vladimiros Voinas: percussion, bendir, tambourine, drums / Michalis Giannitsis: ney, keyboards, voice / Andreas Kampanis: ney / Stelios Kontakiotis: keyboards, guitar, voice / Michalis Panayotidis: oud, vocals / Christos Foskolos: guitar, voice

The three-year-old ensemble "Melidron", consisting of Tinian musicians, performs a varied repertory ranging from East to West, well-balanced between traditional and modern, old music and new, and thus producing a unique musical sound. During the festival, Melidron will perform songs and tunes from Turkey, Armenia, Thrace and Iraq.

- Kevin Seddiki - Bijan Chemirani duo

Kevin Seddiki: guitar / Bijan Chemirani: zarb, Persian percussion

Ten years ago, Kevin Seddiki, awarded guitar player who has collaborated with many distinguished artists such as Al di Meola, met on stage with the brilliant musician Bijan Chemirani from Iran. The strong musical bond between them evolved to a long lasting friendship and the creation of an ensemble. The duo has travelled from Andalusia to Persia and from Africa to Argentina in order to enrich their music with traditional, classical and jazz elements. Their virtuosity, their respect and love for the music is reflected to their colorful yet harmonious work.


2013 Tinos World Music Festival

On Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of May the Northern Wind of Tinos will blow sweetly for the First World Music Festival to be established on the island, bringing melodies, both old and new, from the Balkans and the Middle East - their ancient places of origin - melting pots of countless cultures and folk traditions. Fourteen musicians will introduce the audience, over two days and four concerts, to the musical creativity of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The purpose of the Tinos World Music Festival, inaugurated by the Tinos Cultural Foundation following the third successful year of the Tinos Jazz Festival, is to both introduce Greek audiences to influential musicians from the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, and to integrate the island of Tinos into a broader inter-cultural network.

Brief programme presentation:

Friday 24 May

- Martha Mavroidi Quartet

Greek composer, musician (lafta and saz) and singer, Martha Mavroidi, joins three brilliant Greek musicians in a programme of original compositions, combining elements from the music traditions of the Balkans with both modern harmony and improvisation. Mavroidi was chosen to take part in the international music exposition Womex 2012.

Performing with her: Giorgos Ventouris (bass), Vaggelis Karipis (percussion), Kostas Anastasiades (drums)

- Erkan Oğur Trio

Erkan Oğur is one of the most prominent figures in Turkish music of the last decade. He established, in modern Turkish music, the fretless guitar and a special type of saz: the kopuz. His orchestrations of Turkish folk songs have completely changed the way musicians approach this material. In this concert he collaborates with Derya Turkan — a virtuoso of the classic Turkish kemence, on which he improvises and plays classical music from the Ottoman period — and with the renowned double bass player, Pavlos Spyropoulos, who plays regularly with Ottoman, Balkan and traditional music groups.

Saturday 25 May

- Kostas Theodorou Quintet

Composer and double bass player, Kostas Theodorou, narrates jazz stories from his home town: the city of Edessa. Theodorou is known for both his own exceptional works and his collaboration with Primavera en Salonico. Along with him will perform: Takis Farazis (piano), Kyriakos Tapakis (outi), Pantelis Stoikos (trumpet) and Costas Anastasiades (drums).

- Stian Carstensen & guests

Stian Carstensen, undoubtedly among the most important accordion players of our time, has forged an intelligent and virtuosic style that combines influences from Balkan music, jazz and bluegrass. In November 2012, he captured the imagination of the Athenian audience at Onassis Cultural Centre with his extraordinary improvisations, and is preparing for an equivalent performance in Tinos. In Tinos he will join forces with Vaggelis Karipis and Giorgos Ventouris.

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Dates:29, 30 & 31 May


Artistic Director:Martha Mavroidi

Organised by:Tinos Cultural Foundation 

Co-organised with:Onassis Foundation

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Address:Tinos, Cyclades

Info/Tickets:Free admission

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