Xarnege at Athens World Music Festival
19 July 2013

Politics continually divide towns, people and cultures ... However, there have always been people ready to jump the barriers without permission. Culture smugglers, traffickers of languages, dances and traditions, dream dealers, have fought to meet and share the booty. In the sharnègo areas betweeen Gascony and the Basque Country, two cultures have lived together and mantain their own spaces. They have created different forms of expression from the same source. One could say that they naturally return to their Vascon past.
Xarnege is a meeting place not a mixture. A crossroad not a fence, a look to the future from the roots, not a museum behind walls... Everyone's and no-one's land... A place where you share and continue the nocturnal journey with your sack full of music... 

Xarnege are:

Juan Eselza, violin, albokas, bass pedal 
Josean Martín Zarko, guitar, bouzouki
Simon Guillaumin, electroacustic hurdy-gurdy, voice
Lucia Longué, flabutas, besson, voice, diatonic accordion, boha
Joan Baudoin, lute


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Dates:19 July 2013


Organised by:Technopolis, Athens

Address:100, Pireos str.