Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze in Greece
31 May 2014

German-born and New York City-based trumpeter Volker Goetze and Senegalese vocalist and kora player Ablaye Cissoko create music that transcends both geographic and musical boundaries. When the duo first came together, on their debut release, “Sira”, their collaboration resulted in a unique musical synthesis that fused the timeless tradition of the storyteller/griot with a modern perspective. On their second album, “Amanke Dionti”, Goetze and Cissoko have once again set out on an spiritual sonic journey, one that ranges from the desert and coast of West Africa to the urban landscapes of New York and Paris and which addresses themes of our ancient spiritual roots, and our hurried, dehumanized modern strife. In the tradition of the griot, Cissoko attempts to mend our souls with music, and with Goetze as his partner and champion, he succeeds, as their recordings are truly soul soothing.


Their 2008 debut album, Sira, met with powerful international acclaim. The Boston Globe lauded the CD as “a quite gem,” and All About Jazz raved, “A breath of fresh air….Sira provides an oasis of calm in which to pause and rest, to reflect and be moved…” BBC World on 3 extolled the CD as “a wonderful collaboration of culture and languages,” while in France, Jazzman’s 4 Star review stated, “Sira marks a true meeting of the minds…a hymn to simplicity and to the universality of music. Beautiful.” 

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Dates:31 May 2014


Organised by:"Jazz+Praxis" International Jazz Festival, Patras

Co-organised with:specs 'n' arts

Venue:Atrium of the Old Municipal Hospital, Patras