Koufonisia Classical Music Festival
20 & 31 July | 9, 20 & 29 August 2017

Companions in life and in music, two established Greek soloists and pedagogues, pianist Natalia Michailidou and oboist Vaggelis Christopoulos, have devised a "homemade" festival in their atmospheric residence in Koufonissia. 

Koufonisia is a small group of two islets in the Cyclades. At a short distance, the deserted Keros island has been designated as an archaeological site under protection, as major Cycladic Art finds have been unearthed there.  

The Koufonisia Classical Music Festival adds an extra touch of class to holidays by sheltered golden sand beaches and small natural pools of turquoise waters where one can enjoy seafood fresh from the sea. 

This year's 3rd edition of the festival will present five concerts with artists from Greece and abroad

20 July

Vaggelis Christopoulos, oboe (Greece)

Natalia Michailidou, piano (Greece)

Works by D. Cimarosa, M. Glinka, P. I. Tchaikovsky, F. Liszt, S. Rachmaninoff

31 July

Jari Valo, violin (Finland)

Natalia Michailidou, piano (Greece)

Works by L.van Beethoven, J. Brahms και παραδοσιακή Φινλανδική μουσική

9 August

Aare Tammesalu, cello (Estonia)

Alexandra Nomidou, piano (Greece)

Works by L.van Beethoven, R. Schumann, F. Chopin, A. Kapp

20 August

Kreeta-Jullia Heikkilä, violin (Finland)

Kornilios Michailides, piano (Greece)

Works by M. Ravel, J. Brahms, J. Sibelius

29 August

Stavros Lantsias & Petros Klampanis jazz duet


The 2nd edition of the festival  in 2016 presented four concerts with artists from Greece and abroad

22 July

Jaan Ots, piano (Estonia)

Kornilios Michailides, piano (Greece)

Works for solo piano and four hands by J. S. Bach, F. Chopin, L. W. Beethoven, A. Dvorak, C. Debussy

27 July

Natalia Michailidou, piano (Greece)

Vaggelis Christopoulos, oboe (Greece)

Works by W. A. Mozart, F. Poulenc, M. Ravel, M. Le Boucher, A. Baltas

9 August

Margarita Nastouli, violin (Greece)

Nefeli Moussoura, piano (Greece)

Works by J. S. Bach, R. Schumann, J. Brahms

17 August

Maria - Christina Harper, harp (Greece)

Sofia Avramidou, voice (Greece)

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Dates:20 & 31 July | 9, 20 & 29 August 2017


Artistic Director:Natalia Michailidou

Organised by:Arte Atene & specs 'n' arts

Venue:Michailidou Residence in Koufonissia islands