Around the piano 11th edition
21 & 24 October 2016

Friday 21 October

L’ heure exquise | The exquisite hour

Works by Schubert, Massenet, Arensky, Hahn, Papaioannou

Aare Tammesalu, cello

Nikos Spanatis, counter tenor

Alexandra Nomidou, piano

Monday 24 October

Schumann and friends

Works by Schumann, Reinecke, Brahms, von Herzogenberg

Evangelos Christopoulos, oboe

Nikos Spinoulas, horn

Natalia Michailidou, piano

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Dates:21 & 24 October 2016


Artistic Director:Alexandra Nomidou

Organised by:specs 'n' arts

Media Relations:specs 'n' arts

Venue:St Paul's Anglican Church

Address:27, Philhellinon str., Athens

Info/Tickets:Ticket Services

Booking contact:2107234567

Production:Arte Atene