• Promotions

    Throughout the last 16 years specs 'n' arts has become known for presenting, collaborating and devising many concerts and projects in and around the leading concert venues of Greece, including the beautiful Parnassos Concert Hall and the historical building of St Paul's Anglican church located right at the heart of Athens, where since 2003 we have been promoting a variety of Chamber music and symphonic concerts.

  • Tours 'n' Projects

    Since our establishment in 1999 we have worked across a wide range of musical genres, from early music through to experimental jazz, presenting concerts, master classes and educational projects throughout Greece and abroad. Our emphasis is on high quality musical performance, innovative approaches and extraordinary audience experiences, and will be maintaining this commitment to exceptional music-making long into the future.

  • Festivals

    As a leader, organiser and collaborator specs 'n' arts has presented concerts, masterclasses and educational projects all over the Greek mainland and its many beautiful islands including artists both from Greece and abroad, organising music festivals on the islands of Hydra, Mykonos, Tinos, Syros, Santorini, Crete, Zakynthos, Corfu as well as the International Festival of Sacred Music on Patmos island.

  • Artists

自2000年以,Specs 'N' Arts 在希腊和世界各地策划和呈现了多场音乐会和一些重要的艺术项目。

Specs 'N' arts 公司注重各种艺术类型的发展, 在古典与流行之间穿梭. 我们的首要任务是专注艺术特质和研究表演形式的创新, 我们也重视观众回馈给我们的感受。

作为制片人,组织者或合作者,Specs 'N' Arts 策划的音乐会, 大师班和教育项目, 在希腊各主要城市和岛屿, 欧洲, 美洲和亚洲进行巡演交流。

在2008年北京奥运会期间,Specs 'N' Arts 被选为中国艺术交流的合作伙伴, 希腊国家交响乐团 (雅典国家交响乐团)在北京,天津,武汉,广州和深圳巡演。 随后并邀请著名指挥家邵恩和多位中国艺术家来访希腊, 在雅典中央大厅与希腊国家交响乐团一起演奏。

Efy Trian
Specs 'N' Arts 总经理/古典音乐部门主管
Efy 曾在希腊Aristote de Thessalonique大学学习法律。
并在巴黎第十大学获得考古学和艺术史文凭, 和巴黎第九大学的文化管理文凭。她在1999年成立Specs 'N' Arts 文化演出公司

Specs 'N' Arts中国地区负责人
从小学习舞蹈,2003年在上海戏剧学院附属舞蹈学校毕业后, 前往法国继续深造, 获得法国现代舞编舞硕士文凭和法国舞蹈教师资格文凭。 现作为一个舞蹈家和文化使者的身份,与Specs 'N' Arts文化演出公司共同促进欧洲和中国之间的文化交流。